Hey and welcome,

This space was created to share everything I have learnt, about health and wellness, and to inspire you to take control of your own well being!

Following my own stage IV breast cancer diagnosis, I embarked on a transformational journey into holistic health and self development, in order to regain control of my life, and health. Through nutrition, yoga, spiritual practice, and natural medicine I began to feel truly empowered for the first time in a long time. I became more conntected to myself, my purpose, and completely transformed my health, and I believe you can too. 

We know what is ‘good’ for us, and we know what is ‘bad’ for us. But it can often be a overwhelming knowing where to start. I believe until we truly connect to our bodies, and start to educate ourselves on what can really heal us, it doesn’t matter how much kale we eat. Until we are able to look at our lifestyle as a whole, we can’t truly be empowered in our own health and wellness. 

Nature is our best healer, we just need to know how to tap into it to better ourselves. 

Living Furthur is about just that…Living Further. Living beyond the lives we have come to accept for ourselves. It is about removing the idea that life needs to be stressful, that we need to put up with bad health. It is about empowering you with the information and guidance that helped me become my own healer and leader, in a time I felt let down and unsatisfied with the life I was living. 

It is about supporting you to find what resonates with you in leading a more conscious lifestyle. 

Too many of us are put off by the idea that wellness and mindfulness is about spas and yoga retreats. Or that good nutrition is about organic kale and expensive protein powders. For you, it might be a better sleep pattern, introducing some simple herbs into your diet. Everyones wellness is different. 

With a background as a leader and mentor, I know we are all capable of achieving what we desire. Sometimes we just need help finding our own way, and harnessing our own unique qualities. I’m hoping you will find something that helps you find that path, in all that I share on here.