= H E A L T H & B E A U T Y =

As well as it being really important to consider what we put in our body, what we put on our body can be just as damaging internally. Our skin is our largest organ. It protects our internal organs and our bones, and keeps the good stuff in, whilst protecting us from the bad stuff out in the air. So if we are then loading more toxins on top we are causing unnecessary stress to our skin.

A lot of internal issues will show themselves externally, through our skin, tongue, eyes, nails and these can be harder to spot if we aren’t already taking care of these areas.

We often loads of skin with toxic ingredients that we would dream of conciously putting inside our body yet we are happy for them to be adsorbed through our skin. We are sold fancy lotions and potions, full of ingredients we can’t pronounce, and convinced we need them, but more often than not what we need is very little.

Making mindful changes to our skincare routine, or our make up choices, or just introducing some simple daily self care practices, can have a very quick positive effect on our external, and internal body.

So here are some easy swaps that will benefit you, the animals, and the planet!