= P O D C A S T S =

I started listening to podcasts every morning, usually Ted Talks Daily, on my way to work years ago, as a way to feel inspired and expand my knowledge before going into a job that didn’t inspire me and taught me very little. Now my love affair with podcasts has developed somewhat, and whilst I still listen to them in the mornings, as a positive way to start the day, I also listen to them (or audiobooks) throughout the day when i’m wandering around, or during train, plane or car journeys instead of the radio, or even just in the bath. 

I’ve always been a bit or a nerd when it comes to leaning new things and developing my own knowledge, and podcasts are a great way to do this. They can be a great source for exploring different subjects and expand your mind, if you, like I have been in the past, are living a daily life that you feel sometimes confines you to and in turn can leave you feeling a bit unmotivated. The pods below are a varied selection of some of the pods I listen to, and as with the other sections within this blog will be updated regularly with new suggestions. They cover everything from nutrition, to spirituality, general health to environmental issues. But mainly, they are pods, that generally have some really interesting guests so there is a little something for everyone.